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Happy New Year

Posted by mrsmelva on 02/01/2013

Here I sit on the second day of the year, trying out the WordPress app on my iPad. I tried to sign in a couple of hours ago but couldn’t remember my password. I went to my laptop, where the password was saved and still couldn’t log in. After several tries, WordPress security stepped in and locked me out for a while. I had decided to blog instead of mopping my floors. I still didn’t want to mop floors so I spent the time setting up kidblogs for this year’s class. I have had a short but wonderfully relaxing Christmas Holiday and am looking forward to being back in my classroom tomorrow. Teachers are lucky, they get to celebrate two New Years each year, the first of January and the first day of school. Both are times of anticipation, excitement, connecting, building relationships and planning. I have made one resolution this year, and have kept it so far. It is a resolution for me. It is to use my favourite shower gel daily. A simple and possibly selfish resolution perhaps, but using the scented gel, a scent I have been using for 40 years, but not daily, puts me in a very good frame of mind. In essence, I have resolved to be positively energized every day. As for any other resolutions, I think I will follow the lead of several twitter friends and choose a single word to guide my life this year. I am still mulling words over in my mind.



One Response to “Happy New Year”

  1. Nena said

    We can’t forget about ourselves! How can we educate the best if we’re not at our best?

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