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#kinderblog2012 Summer Challenge #4

Posted by mrsmelva on 24/07/2012

On to this week’s question. It is pretty short and sweet, but I have worded it 2 different ways, so feel free to choose whichever one resonates more with you:

Version 1: If you had not become a teacher, what other field or line of work would you have pursued?
Version 2: If you had to quit teaching tomorrow, what would you do instead?

North Thompson River from the van.

These are hard questions to answer. I love teaching. If I had to quit teaching, and if I wasn’t currently raising a grandchild, I would put my hubby to work. (Not that he doesn’t work now, but I would encourage him to do a different job). I put a picture of the North Thompson river at the head of this post. I took the picture while riding in our van last year with my hubby and grandson. I love traveling with my husband, he is an excellent driver and gets along with people wherever he goes. Ideally, I would put him to work running a hot shot service delivering trailers etc. and I would ride shot gun, taking pictures, tweeting and connecting with kinderchat tweeps whenever I  could. Of course, I’m not sure if that would pay enough for the data roaming charges that I would incur, and the dogs might get bored and I don’t know what we’d do with the cats. I could probably road school our grandson, but …

Freshly pedicured feet with pink gel toes.

If I had not become a teacher at all I would probably have become a hairdresser, and later an  esthetician. I would also consider esthetics training if I had to stop teaching. I love feeling good after a new haircut, and even more so after a manicure and pedicure. I would love to be able to make other people feel that good too. There is room for creativity too, I have had some wonderful nail art over the years, including Chicka Chicka Boom Boom palm trees. (tried to bill the school, since it was an invitiation to literacy, but they wouldn’t pay – jk). When I was young, mostly I wanted to be a teacher, and I had a school and library in the basement, but for a few years my cousin and I wanted to be nurses, like our Auntie Joanne. My cousin became a nurse, but I became a teacher. I worked as a waitress and bartender while putting myself through university and enjoyed both of those jobs, especially the people I met while working.

I am very thankful to be a teacher, it is my passion, it is fun, creative, challenging and rewarding all at the same time. I love my students and hope that I am having a positive influence on their lives.


2 Responses to “#kinderblog2012 Summer Challenge #4”

  1. Nice post, seems as though working and connecting with people, helping them is what you aspire to do.

  2. I knew you were the inspiration for the van idea!! Also- Chicka Chicka Boom Boom palm trees on nails? Am proud to know you 😀

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