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Shopping Therapy = Feeling Optimistic

Posted by mrsmelva on 01/08/2010

Yesterday, while reading discussions on one of my Yahoo! groups (Discipline Without Stress, based on the work of Marvin Marshall)I found the story of Pete the Cat, about a cat who loves his nice white shoes, but when he steps in different coloured things, dirtying his shoes, he maintains a positive attitude and sings about loving his shoes of all colours. I then went to Amazon and ordered the book for my classroom, along with Montessori, the Science Beyond the Genius, and The Shack for my own learning and enjoyment. I woke up this morning feeling much more positive about the upcoming school year and got busy on my computer cleaning out a couple of overloaded file folders and making name tags for my students’ desks, supply tubs, coat hooks etc. I searched for some cute clip art to put on the name tags but suddenly thought, hmmn, some of these kids are eight already and might find cute pictures babyish, but some are still five and would like cute pictures; meeting the needs of all my students is going to be a challenge. My mind went back to the discipline area, especially as I was thinking about a couple of the older boys who have a bit of a history, and I want to be aware of that while starting off in a very positive manner with all students. I was searching through google images and up came the Circle of Courage which I have used in the past, and studied while doing my graduate research. This was the perfect image and will tie in very nicely with my proactive discipline plans for the year. I will combine the foundational values of the Circle of Courage, which reflect the traditional Dene values of my students, with the behaviour expectation levels of Discipline Without Stress as I teach classroom procedures and expectations at the start of school and throughout the year. I am feeling much more optimistic about the grade change and I will be truly challenged to follow the child with each student since there is such a wide range of ages and abilities. The smaller class size means that I will be able to spend more time with/observing each individual child. Like Pete the Cat with his many coloured shoes, I will have to change my tune and sing “I love teaching grade one!” I must “be the change I want to see” and model this positive attitude if I am to instill it in my students so that we all have a successful and rewarding school year.


One Response to “Shopping Therapy = Feeling Optimistic”

  1. Pete the Cat sounds like a very good book to read.Thank you for sharing.

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