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Beauty All Around Me

Posted by mrsmelva on 06/07/2010

I am not in the mood to work at school today. I worked for a while yesterday, shelving some items and then taking pictures of the little items in my alphabet tubs. My plan is to make some 3 part cards to go with the tubs, and possibly some little books. The camera batteries died at gG and I didn’t have extras with me so I went home. Today I was just out of sorts and decided to stay home. I hung some solar lights on my garden fence and took a few pictures of the beauty around me.

My grandson's pumpkin plant

closeup of the pumpkin flower

grandson's yellow marigold



peppermint portulaca

begonia, grad gift from my kids

From the garden to the lake, my neighbour had just cleaned his fish catch and threw the scraps into the lake for the seagulls and pelicans. The pelicans were very busy, acting like ducks dipping their heads in the water to fetch the goodies.

pelicans acting like ducks

if you want the goodies you have to get your face wet

pelicans and seagulls "doing lunch"


2 Responses to “Beauty All Around Me”

  1. Nena said

    Those pictures would make some wonderful 3 Part Card Shots! I wish I lived someplace less hot, our gorgeous gardens have all died in the past week due to it being well into the 40’s (C) here!

  2. mrsmelva said

    Unfortunately, I bought the pumpkin plant already growing, our season is too short to get any pumpkins when you start them from seed or I could have made a life cycle set. I will make some cards for the names of the flowers, or just for matching. The kids really enjoy matching cards for concentration. We’ve only been in the low to mid 20s here so far, but it is warm this morning so I think it will go up some today. Sorry to hear about your garden, too much heat is tough.

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