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Pelicans in the Storm

Posted by mrsmelva on 04/07/2010

pelicans in the storm

We have had stormy weather most of the summer so far. Monday night was a particularly wild thundery rainstorm. These pelicans came through very quickly while the rain was coming down in sheets. The picture is dark because it was that dark from the clouds overhead. I took the picture from the kitchen window, but it was very tricky because we have expanded metal on the outside of the window and I had to aim the camera in the little spaces – it was so dark that the flash went off automatically and if the camera wasn’t positioned just right the flash reflected off the metal and spoiled the picture. After taking the picture I shut the window, the entire kitchen floor was soaked in that short time! I kept watching the pelicans as they moved down the lake, as they got a little further down a bunch more flew in from the middle of the lake and they made a huge fishing circle. A little later they broke into three smaller circles. I love watching the pelicans.I decided to post this because classroom progress has been very slow.

I have been in but have been puttering with things like washing art trays and boot shelves. Today I hooked up the computer and can’t login, but I have threaded the extension cords and made room (and plugin space) for my laptop and printer and speakers. If I can get the janitor to help me move the boot shelves tomorrow I will be a very happy woman, as one of them will go behind the classroom door for art supplies and then I can get a lot more organizing done. If not I will have to develop a plan B for organizing, I really want to get those art supplies set up. I did organize all my coloured copy paper and got most of my binders and resource books shelved but not organized. I’d like to sort them and organize them by topic but will worry about that later on. For now, getting them off the “lovely” desks is the main priority.

copy paper and binders

The boot shelf that I washed is the same as this shelf. I used to have art supplies on this one and know that they will fit nicely on its twin, and it will fit neatly behind the classroom door, partially out of site and preventing me from piling boxes there! Tray washing is quite a procedure (there are over 50 trays that have been used for art all year). First soak them, then turn them to soak the other end, then scrub them with a brush and set to dry in a staggered stack.

trays soaking

trays drying

While busy scrubbing the trays (and the shelves) I have been thinking a lot about the class and the classroom and how I would like things to happen. I can only plan some things until school actually starts and I have my timetable for the things that I can’t change (God grant me the serenity to accept that timetable) such as guided reading, gym, Dene, music, maybe math? I also need to find out what is expected for science and social studies. They are all divided up into separate units and separate subjects and I am so used to teaching things in a much more integrated manner – oh, and I almost forgot about health. Hopefully that one can be integrated. My thoughts were interrupted by a phone call from my hubby saying that he had two of our grandsons with him and they were hungry so I headed home for a weiner roast in the back yard.

hot dogs you cook yourself are delicious

hubby watching my marshmallow so it doesn't burn - perfectly golden and gooey inside

After supper I got out the sandbox and the boys did some pouring, and did some grass cutting too.


Grandma, I'll cut your grass!

Let me cut some too

While they cut I pulled a few weeds and dead heads in my flower boxes and couldn’t resist taking a picture of this petunia.


The other day I had to chase away the ravens, they were eating the petunias and trying to uproot the portulaca. When I was watering the flowers this morning there was nothing in the planters but tonight I found a piece of rib bone in one, next to the petunia the ravens had been eating – was it a peace offering? or did they just drop it there? Tomorrow I will be back at work in the classroom unless I decide to stay home and mow the parts of the lawn (most of it) that the boys missed!


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