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Montessori in a Dene Kindergarten – Montessori in a Dene Grade One Classroom

Change Continues

Posted by mrsmelva on 02/07/2010

Yesterday was Canada Day and I spent some time at the town field, watching the parade and all the kids dressed up and riding their decorated bikes, eating a barbecued burger and enjoying the music. Then I came home and after a nap, spent a long time reading blogs.  When I went to bed my head was spinning with ideas, but today the ideas are simmering down and sorting themselves out. I will go to the school for a while and work on the classroom environment, probably starting with my desk area. I am a clutterbug and hoarder, so this will be a work in progress. I will also work on some of the changes I need to make to existing materials – for example, taking pictures of  all the items in my (commercial, Lakeshore brand, bought years ago from Wintergreen) sound tubs and designing some independent work with them, likewise my colour tubs. I need to look at things that I have that are not Montessori, from a Montessori perspective, making them more inviting and accessible to the children and, most importantly, looking at control of error so that the children do not practice incorrect work. My camera will be getting a workout, and although there are fresh ink cartridges in the printer and another set in my desk, I see an ink purchase in the near future.

girls gathering for the decorated bike judging, there are always a lot of well dressed kids and well decorated bikes - very challenging for the judges

even dolls are dressed up for the occasion, and pulled behind the bikes


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