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Goodbye, Butterflies

Posted by mrsmelva on 28/05/2010

We set our butterflies free on Wednesday. It was a bit chilly and they were apprehensive about the wide open spaces. We set them free in a patch of dandelions on the playground. We set some free with the morning class and some with the afternoon class. Due to the cold, they didn’t fly off right away so I was able to get some fairly close up pictures.

in the pavilion, waiting to be released

the door is open, fly away to freedom

The butterflies slowly moved toward the opening at the top of the pavilion, but they didn’t fly away. I had to lift most of them out, then some would fly from my fingers, and some had to be placed on flowers. It was fairly cold and I think that is why they were so slow moving. In the afternoon they were a bit more active, but not a lot.

first "picnic", note the proboscis

resting on rocks

I like this picture since it clearly shows the three body parts and the patterning on the wings.

We will be planting flower seeds today to continue our life cycles study. On a sad note, our tadpoles did not survive. The two snails that were with them did survive so I sent them home with the student who had brought them in, so that she could return them to their home pond.


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