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We Have Wings!

Posted by mrsmelva on 14/05/2010

Wednesday morning as we gathered at the rug for Oh Canada, a very quiet boy said quite loudly, “Teacher, a butterfly is out!” We all went to look and this is what we saw:

first butterfly, one emerging, and many more to come

After Oh Canada, I reminded the children that they needed to be very carefully when approaching the chrysalids and butterflies. Then I returned to preparing apples for breakfast, and collected some cores for the butterflies. The children were very careful and respectful and watched often throughout the day as a few more butterflies emerged. The same boy who noticed the first butterfly came to me a little later to tell me that he could see the proboscis, saying, “The butterfly, its drinking the nectar from her, her pro – her long tongue,” gesturing the shape of a proboscis as he spoke, so I provided him with the word and he repeated it. Back when we first got the caterpillars he had taken a piece of paper and curled it like a proboscis and put it on the end of his tongue and then came and told me about how butterflies eat. I asked how he knew that, and he said he had seen it on t.v. I then directed him to our book racks and invited him to see if he could find a picture of a proboscis in a book. He spent quite a long time looking at the books and found several pictures. He then proceeded to teach several others about how butterflies eat and soon almost every student had a paper proboscis. This resulted in the need for a quick lesson on hygiene and not sharing one’s paper proboscis with one’s friends!

the first butterfly finally spreads its wings

first meal, and blood that is shed during the emerging process

The butterflies really like the apple cores and they also like the sugar solution I made for them. I soaked sea sponges with the sugar solution in this container, and put it in a little feeder that I bought in the pavilion. I don’t see the feeder available at the supplier’s website anymore. I will post a picture of it in the future, but don’t know if it is still available. I will move all the butterflies into the pavilion when a few more have emerged, but I am trying not to open the lid of this container too often so that I don’t disturb the other chrysalids too much.

a student approaching the pavilion for a closer look

inside the pavilion 1

inside the pavilion 2

It is very difficult to get pictures inside the pavilion, the white mesh tends to reflect and  the camera picks up everything behind the pavilion too.

more careful observation

I invited the students to record their observations of the butterflies. Here is one student’s work:

a butterfly and a chrysalis

note the details being added to the wings

I will try and get a clearer picture of her work if I can. She added very careful markings to the wings, and made many trips over to observe the butterflies while working.

Unfortunately, there was an accident and our tadpoles did not survive. I am not sure if we will get more or not. I think it might be better to scout out some of the pond areas and plan a little field trip rather than bringing in creatures that will probably not survive.


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