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Still Waiting for Wings

Posted by mrsmelva on 08/05/2010

Almost all of our caterpillars have formed chrysalids now. I moved some of the chrysalids to the mesh butterfly pavilion and some to the top of the plastic butterfly house. I took the two containers of caterpillars out of the house, there are still a few caterpillars in them that have not pupated yet.

Chrysalids and caterpillars in the pavilion

In this picture you can see the chrysalids and a few caterpillars. One caterpillar is hanging in the j-hook and will pupate shortly, the others are almost ready. I took this picture on Wednesday, by Thursday all of these caterpillars had formed chrysalids. Notice the shiny gold spots on the chrysalids.

Close up of chrysalids

You can kind of see the butterflies forming inside. The students have been fascinated watching this whole process. One student brought us a bucket of frog spawn. We now have several tadpoles swimming in the bucket, along with a couple of snails and a water beetle. I guess we are waiting for legs as well as wings, although my previous attempts to keep tadpoles until they became frogs were not successful.

While waiting we have been busy in the classroom with our regular activities. Here are pictures of a couple of students working on the metal insets with great concentration.

Metal insets, concentration, preparation for reading and writing

Metal insets, concentration, preparation for reading and writing

Here is a picture of some language work.

cvc word puzzles on egg shapes

I found the link to the puzzles at My Montessori Journey and she got them from Kelly’s Kindergarten. I think I will put this picture in the tub so that the students can check their work. Or, I may just print another set and not cut the eggs apart so that they could be used like three part cards. I will have to think about both ideas and make up my mind. When I do I will let you know.

Later I will post some pictures of our field trip to “the rapids”.


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  1. Stunning photos! I adore the post so much! 😉

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