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A Few Happenings in our Class

Posted by mrsmelva on 07/03/2010

Oh, my, it has been a long time since I have posted. I was busy writing the final report for my action research project. In class we have had daily teacher directed lessons in Animated Literacy. The students have done very well with these lessons. They are not Montessori, but they are a good way to introduce letters and sounds and our school has had a lot of success with the program. The children really liked the directed drawings, which they completed by following my step by step example on the overhead. We then stretched the sounds and labeled the drawings and had Author’s Chair, where individual students would come up and read their labels and show their work. Following that the other students would have a chance to make positive comments about the work. As time went by they got better and better at giving specific feedback, such as, the printing is nice rather than a blanket it’s nice.

We went ice fishing again this year. The kids had a great time, as usual, although only one student caught a fish.

Ice Fishing

Here, fishy, fishy, fishy!

Even calling to the fish didn’t help. We did enjoy the ski doo ride and the time out on the lake.I used pictures from our ice fishing trip to make a matching work for the students.

matching fishing pictures

We learned to cut hearts and to use glitter during our preparations for Valentine’s day. Here’s a picture of a student decorating his hearts with glitter. He is working so carefully, with great concentration.

shake off the excess glitter carefully

We had a party for Valentine’s day, with a lot of yummy food. The students did very well at serving themselves their treats and at loading their dishes into the dishwasher.

Our clothes match the icing! Happy Valentine's Day!

Clean up time.

After clean up we distributed the students’ valentine bags for them to take home. Each student decorated a paper lunch bag and glued their photo on it. They wrote valentines at home and then put them in the bags for their friends. I hung the bags on the hallway bulletin boards just outside our classroom door. The students had great fun reading the names and filling the bags. In the morning the students had time to empty their bags onto trays and look at their valentines, in the afternoon they just took them home to read.

I don’t make a big deal of St. Patrick’s day in my classroom, but I did find some cute foam shamrocks to use for patterning, some green pom poms for patterns and some green flattened marbles for spooning.

foam shamrock pattern


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