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I’m Back to Blogging – Slowly

Posted by mrsmelva on 03/01/2010

My goodness, it has been a long time since I posted anything. It has been a very busy school year, and a very busy holiday. I will slowly get back into the blog, sharing a few things at a time. Sometimes the ideas just run around in my head faster than I can type them and faster than I can make them for the classroom. I did make up quite a few actvities for Halloween and some for winter/Christmas. I have some new thrift shop finds for making things too, so I will post pictures and explanations over the next while. The next pictures will show more patterns, since that is where I left off. These are fall/Halloween patterns with items from Dollarama (or Dollargrandma as my grandson calls it!):

ABC leaf pattern

AB spider pattern - look closely, the eyes and legs are different colours

AB jack-o-lanterns

ABC Halloween items

ABC - Leaf, Pumpkin, Cat - this pattern matches the picture pattern on our classroom calendar

Here are a few pictures of the patterning works being used and some of the other Halloween works.

Sorting rings by colour, rings are stored in the spooky drawstring bag

Getting ready to build the pattern.

Building the pattern (actually another student, as I didn't get another picture of the first student's work.)

Spooning and 1:1 correspondence with mini koosh balls

Spooning and 1:1 correspondence with sticky eyeballs - VERY popular!

The sticky eyeballs were so popular that one “disappeared”, so after a search and discussion, we closed the activity for a while. The eyeball was not returned (the chief suspect was absent the rest of the week – hmmn) but when it was re-opened there were no more losses. The spooning items came from Walmart. The spoons are from Dollarama. They are log handled parfait spoons and came in a pack with several colours, 10 or 12 spoons for $1.

At the block center I added some spooky props. I put away the woodland animals and the people. Unfortunately, we also lost a few animals. I sent notes home asking parents to check and talked with the kids about the importance of keeping school things at school for everyone to use. We agreed as a group that if someone returned the items we would thank them, but nothing came back. The animals were very good quality, from an expensive Lakeshore set so I will have to wait for science budget to replace them.

Haunted House, constructed by a group of girls

The girls worked very hard building this haunted house, with a lot of discussion and interaction. Often the boys just took the props and chased each other with them – or at least started to chase each other until I would intervene and discuss what the expectations were for their use.

Christmas spooning, note the patterning

Winter spooning, "snowballs" 1:1 correspondence

I decided to put the Christmas/Winter spooning 1:1 pictures here since it is the same concept as the Halloween/fall ones with different items. I will look for Valentine items for this activity and Easter/spring items. I will also look for other seasonal items for patterning. The ice cube trays for this activity came from Superstore, the green one is trees and the red one is snowmen. I also had a sorting activity with three sizes of white pompoms. I didn’t get any pictures of that one. Some of the children sorted the pompoms by size and one boy made snowmen in a row, still sorting by size but a different arrangement that also repeated a pattern. After he did that several others copied his idea.


I apologize for the blurry picture, I took it in a rush and only took one. It is a disinvitation to learning. In the workshops I have attended recently about the new pre-k and k curricula there is a lot of talk about creating invitations to learning. This is really preparation of the environment if you are a Montessori teacher, and there have been some very interesting examples shared at the workshops. However, after one too many chase events with the rats, bats and skeletons, I closed the block center and created this disinvitation, covering the blocks with quilt batting. After a time of closure, the disinvitation will become an invitation and the blocks will be re-opened.


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