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Cupboards, Dishwasher and Shiny Sink!

Posted by mrsmelva on 15/08/2009

After a wonderful two week family holiday I went to school this morning to check on the state of my cupboards. They are done! The dishwasher is in and there is a very shiny double sink, an improvement on the old single. I snapped a couple of pictures and then headed home to cook lunch. I will go later and start washing dishes since they have been on open shelves in the bootroom all summer. Then I can start organizing the cupboards so that the children can get what they need for snack independently.

sink and dishwasher

sink and dishwasher

basic view of the cupboards

basic view of the cupboards

I now need to have the papertowel, soap and toothbrush holders installed by the janitors. I will meet with them on Monday with a list and some muffins. I actually need them to do quite a few little jobs so I will bribe them with some fresh muffins.

Flylady would love this shiny sink!

Flylady would love this shiny sink!

I will have to be on my toes to keep this sink so shiny. Must remember to line my paintcups with thin plastic bags so that they don’t need soaking. I am feeling much better about the room now and am looking forward to getting things put away and organized. I will post pictures when I get some things done.


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