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Cupboards, What Cupboards?

Posted by mrsmelva on 09/07/2009

As I headed up the hallway to my classroom on Tuesday, I spotted my cupboards out in the hallway. They have been moved so that the new ones, including my dishwasher, can be installed.

Cupboards in the Hallway

Cupboards in the Hallway

The next pictures show the space where the cupboards were, and my line on the floor.

Waiting for New Cupboards

Waiting for New Cupboards

Here’s another view of the room without cupboards, looking in from the doorway.

Looking in From the Doorway, Where are the Cupboards?

Looking in From the Doorway, Where are the Cupboards?

I am so glad that maintenance has started working on this right away. They have been very supportive of this move, and so have the janitors. I was out of town yesterday and haven’t gone to the school yet today, so I don’t know if they have started installing the new cupboards yet or not. When they do, I am hoping that I will be able to put the dishes in the lower cupboards for easy access by the children. It will be more sanitary and more independent for them. This past year I would set dishes out on the lower shelf of the snack table but had to either estimate how many to put, and go get more, or put out all the dishes and then put them away if they weren’t used. More work for me, plus I would rather have a more authentic situation, which getting dishes from the cupboard would be. It will depend on the final configuration of the cupboards, since the dishwasher will take up quite a bit of space. I am hoping to switch from plastic to glass juice glasses this year, and switch the bowls from plastic next year. My plates have never been plastic, so they do not need replacing. I need to think about water drinking too, since I won’t have a fountain in the room. Maybe I will use the plastic glasses for water or maybe ask parents to send in re-usable water bottles. I will need to think about that some more.


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