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Two Babysteps – Make That Three

Posted by mrsmelva on 06/07/2009

Today I went in to work on the shelf by my desk and hopefully ask one of the janitors to help me fix the supports so that it would hold my stuff without spilling it unexpectedly as happened last year. As  I wiped the shelf down I realized that I could solve my own problem with strategic use of milk crates. I set up the shelf using milk crates and the wooden shelving. I have my frequently used printer paper on the top shelf in plastic organizer trays and milk crates and shelving for most of my binders.

Binder shelf

Binder shelf

My curriculum guide binders are on the bottom and there is room for a few more binders on the shelf plus several more in the milk crates. I will put most of the black lines that are currently in my theme boxes into page protectors and into binders for better organization.

Next I decided to tackle the black overhead cart and put the pink trays on it. To my surprise, with a little adjusting, I managed to get the trays, mini white boards and mini chalkboards all on the bottom shelf. Then I put the chalk & brushes and the blue basket with student pens and reading sticks on the middle shelf. This should work well for students to collect supplies that they need.

Black Cart, front view

Black Cart, front view

The chalk boards and white boards are each in their own box to the right of the pink trays. These trays are used for dry activities only, never for glue or paint. They are used for puzzles, pattern blocks, geoboards, beads, spooning and tonging activities etc. so that small items are contained and clean up/materials care is easier and more manageable.

end view of black cart

end view of black cart

Here’s the end view of the cart. Now I need to clean off the top so that the paper cutter can go back up there. It is at a good height for standing to cut paper. Another benefit of today’s babysteps is that the chalkboards used to be in one of the tubs on the student supply cart, so now I have another tub available for student supplies. This will be good because we will be using two different brands of crayons this year, Crayola and Staedtler twistables. I ordered both because in previous years if a brand was backordered I ended up with nothing. The colours are slightly different in each set so we will use whichever set has the best colours for the task at hand.  When I was clearing the cart, I found that my boxes of card pockets fit perfectly between the paper trays on my binder shelf. Maybe one day I will be truly organized.

That is all I got done today, had to leave so that the maintenance man can remove the cupboards for the dishwasher installation. One more babystep toward my dream!


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