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Paradigm Shift

Posted by mrsmelva on 20/06/2009

I haven’t posted in a long time, I have been so busy at school and trying to finish my project writing. I will be posting about some of our works in the near future. One of the things that has made life extra busy this spring is that I need to move from the very large and wonderful classroom that I have occupied for 20 years to a much smaller classroom. I also cannot just move in there directly because some renovations have to be done first so I need to store a lot of my stuff – and purge a lot. Yesterday was my first day of packing, while very tired from our year end celebration the night before and the emotional exhaustion of saying goodbye to the children. As I was looking around the room at all the stuff and wondering where to begin, I knew that I needed to get the shelf nearest the door cleared first. As I was putting things into a box I began to think about how I would sort the boxes. I have always stored my materials by themes, which relate to the seasons, and therefore the order in which I use them throughout the year. Yesterday as I was sorting and boxing, I found myself sorting in the Montessori way instead, math, language, culture, sensorial, practical life and science and nature. As I was doing this (and there is a LOT MORE to do) I was thinking about how I would start my year next year and how I will approach things differently, especially doing a better job of observing the children and following their lead in each area. I am trying to see this move in a positive light and use it as a way to grow as a teacher. On the plus side, I did get to order some wonderful new tables that will allow more flexibility in the room arrangement and children’s work areas. I will continue to learn and grow as a Montessori teacher, and this paradigm shift is one indicator of my growth so far. I am truly looking at things with new eyes as I pack. I am beginning to get excited about next year, rather than depressed about leaving my “home” room.


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