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Montessori in a Dene Kindergarten – Montessori in a Dene Grade One Classroom

Getting Back to “Normal”

Posted by mrsmelva on 30/03/2009

Well, the individual assessments for report cards are basically done. Three students still need to be tested on both math skills and alphabet/phonemic awareness and one just on math. We finished up the rest today – yeehaw! It is hard on the kids having to work independently and quietly so that we can hear the kids’ responses. In the morning I had a chance to introduce the red and white beans to 7 kids. They will be open as job time works in a few days. The kids who tried them really liked the work and all but two caught on right away to what to do. Of the other two, one caught on after some help, the other didn’t yet. He really didn’t make the connection between the beans and the recording sheet. I am not sure if he didn’t understand the task or is just very used to doing his own thing. I will have to work with him on it tomorrow. The cutting job has been so popular that our collection of cut strips was overtaking the container so I showed the kids how to glue them to make chains, and they loved that work, repeating the four colour pattern that I started. I did that with a few kids at job time and then after recess when I was doing the red and white beans, the tutor did the chains with the other kids. Tomorrow we will need to join te individual chains while maintaining the pattern. Tomorrow afternoon I will introduce some new jobs and open some of the old ones. I will change the floor puzzles so that should pique the interest of some while being a job that they basically know how to do so I can help those who choose a new one.


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