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Rainbows and Shamrocks

Posted by mrsmelva on 21/03/2009

Here are pictures of the directed drawing rainbows and the style shamrocks that we made earlier this week. The first day the children just drew the rainbows, step by step using Mr. Sketch brand markers in the 12 pack, which I love because they offer blue and indigo. The next day I demonstrated drawing the sun with a marker, colouring the sky with a crayon, adding raindrops with a special silver crayon and then cutting three hearts to make a shamrock. Following the demonstration of all the steps, the children had to complete the work independently. Here are the results:sta50154sta50155sta501562sta501571I was very pleased with the children’s work on this activity and they were very proud of their work. I do not consider this art, it is science in reinforcing the sequence of colours and how a rainbow is formed, and math in folding the paper in half, cutting the hearts and arranging them in the correct spatial orientation, and learning to focus on directions and remember them in order to complete a work. Although it was teacher directed there were some Montessori elements in the preparation of the environment and in the expectations for the children to work independently after the initial presentation and to clean up when they were done.


2 Responses to “Rainbows and Shamrocks”

  1. Cute pics! We haven’t introduced any “Rainbow” works in the classroom. This actually would be a neat idea to share with the children!

  2. Kim said

    Kids make such awesome bulletin boards! These pictures are great. They must be very proud to walk by their work everyday.

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