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Too Cold to Fish!

Posted by mrsmelva on 11/03/2009

It has been very cold this week. Today it is -44, the lowest temperature that registers on my thermometer, yesterday nothing registered at all! There have been no buses, but I am still gettting half the class attending. I am using the opportunity to reinforce procedures and expectations with the afternoon group in a smaller group, it seems to be helping, I hope that it carries over when the whole class is attending. In the mornings I am able to do more reading and alphabet reinforcement. It was science fair yesterday. The kids were very proud to see their rabbit work displayed and they enjoyed seeing the other displays. When the afternoon kids arrived they asked right away, “where’s the box,” referring to the large box that had their rabbit writings displayed for the science fair. They were very proud of their work. Today I will return their work for them to put into their writing books and I will give them a few minutes to read their writings to themselves and each other. I have noticed that when I omit this step they try to do it anyway, they really like looking back at their previous work and re-reading it. I have given our photos to the Dene language teacher to use in her classes. I must remember to suggest to her and to admin. that she should have a camera and printer dedicated to her program. I just use my own, so that I can use it whenever I want to and always know where it is. I have a few pictures from the science fair, but they are still on the camera. No time for posting them this morning.


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