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Montessori in a Dene Kindergarten – Montessori in a Dene Grade One Classroom

Cold Day, Small Class, Good Afternoon

Posted by mrsmelva on 10/03/2009

We had another very cold day yesterday, -40 and no buses. The up side of that was having a much smaller (normal size in the good old days) class. In the morning I read with a lot of students before they went to gym and Dene class (ice fishing was postponed to next week due to the cold). In the afternoon we worked on our science fair writing and display. I observed the children closely while they did their number cube work in the afternoon. One little boy who really struggles with maintaining focus, started working quite well, building long stacks, then measuring them against the mat and subtracting cubes as needed. Then another boy came to sit beside him and chat to him, that destroyed his focus so I asked the other boy to move. The first boy then struggled but did not regain his focus, so I asked the tutor (her designated student was absent due to no bus) to sit behind him. As soon as she was sitting there, although she didn’t intervene in his work, he began to regain his focus and complete his work. I think today I will have her take him away from the group and do the work side by side with him, showing him how to build up the stacks. When the cubes were done we turned to our writing a bout rabbits for science fair. We had startd with drawings on Friday, but did not complete them. It was time to complete the drawings and add some writing. Most of the kids tried to make some words, a few wrote actual words, quite a few had random letters and a few had wiggly, almost cursive style lines. One didn’t write anything, kept saying that he couldn’t until another student pointed out the word he wanted on the science fair display, which he then copied, very neatly. Another seemed to have a similar block but asked, after seeing some of the other students’ work, “can we write any kind of words?” and then he put together a string of letters and was very proud of his work. Despite the behaviour issues and time constraints, I must do more writing with this group. One little girl drew a rabbit burrow and wrote, Here is my home, completely independently, I need to move her along from there, while also moving the letter stringers into phonetic spelling and the cursive line group into letters. rabbit writingHere are the kids writing away. Some have books open for reference, and they are using pencil crayons to add colour to their drawings, a new extension of writing for this group. It was a good afternoon.


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