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Some New Works

Posted by mrsmelva on 08/03/2009

Easter number quantity

This is a math work that I made using little egg baskets and Easter themed erasers. I wrote the numbers 1-10 on the small baskets, both inside and on the fronts. The children will place the correct number of erasers in each basket. The next work is nomenclature cards that I made for each letter of the alphabet. I have three pictures/words for each letter and they are in the basic three part style of Montessori nomnclature cards – control card with word and picture, word card and picture card. The container is wood, with an elastic and button closure – from Dollarama.nomenclature cardsThe children will do this work on a receiving blanket, since it is too big for our trays. I had signed out some works from the book room that were too big for the trays so I sent out a request for blankets and we now have quite a few for these larger jobs. Here is a close up of the container.card containerI also got some very cute magnetic bunnies and eggs to decorate.  I set them up on cookie sheets, a very easy work to prepare!magnetic bunnymagnetic egg decoratingI haven’t put these works out yet, we have been very busy with our trip to the bush to check rabbit snares and then eating rabbit soup. We are scheduled to go ice fishing on Tuesday, so I hope that the weather improves. I have also introduced a work to the whole class (I know that whole class activities are not part of a true Montessori classroom, but I have introduced this in this manner due to time constraints and also to help with some of the issues I have had in the afternoons.) The work is building stacks of cubes from 1-10, on a laminated paper mat. At first several children just fooled around with the cubes or talked with their neighbours, but eventually they realized that they needed to get to work. I did a review presentation building the stacks in complete silence very quickly and noticed a big improvement in the way the children did the work. In the afternoons it seems to help to calm the children when they all need to do the same thing to start the day and it is very structured and predictable. As they develop proficiency they are also developing a sense of accomplishment and this is carrying over at least a little into their other work. I have also noticed that if a certain child arrives early and starts to work before some of the others he and some of the others have a better day. I am still not pulling small groups myself in the afternoon, I have the tutor pulling some and am spending my time with the rest, circulating as they work. I do need to get back to pulling groups, but not until the others are more settled in their work. In the morning they work well independently, but in the afternoon they just aren’t ready for that. The morning group do have their moments too, and had gotten very loud while making tall towers with the mega blocks and tipping them on purpose with a lot of noise. Miss Jackie and I gave them a demonstration of how to work with the blocks and they settled down again.

Here is a picture of one of the rabbits that were caught. The children’s writing and drawings of rabbits really improved after the close up look at the real  rabbit.rabbitCheck out the rabbit’s teeth:rabbit teeth“Taking off his pants” – skinning the rabbit for soup!skinning rabbitAnd here’s the soup, ready to be eaten with fresh, hot bannock.sta50175A bit out of sequence, but here is a picture of one of the rabbit snares. Last year when I needed a picture of a snare for my visual metaphor for Stephen Kemp’s class, I had to get a picture from google, now I have my own. Maybe I should re-do my metaphor – beats cleaning my kitchen floor!rabbit snareThe kids were fascinated by the poop! Typical kids. They also liked seeing the rabit tracks:rabbit tracksTomorrow is another day – hopefully a good one. The kids will go to gym, but not to Dene class as the schedule has been altered for ice fishing. That will give us the opportunity to finish up our writing for our class science fair project about rabbits. The morning class (half hour longer than the afternoon) has had two opportunities to draw and write about rabbits and on Friday they categorized their work into the topics of homes, food, babies or enemies. The afternoon class hs only had one writing/drawing opportunity so they will finish theirs and categorize them tomorrow. We will also categorize the photos and glue them to the backdrop. We have concluded that we are enemies of the rabbits since we eat them.


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