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Ready for Monday???

Posted by mrsmelva on 22/02/2009

I spent a lot of time at school this weekdend, but most of it was spent helping my grandaughter with her science fair project. We spent yesterday making a whale’s mouth with a styrofoam burger box, a wisk broom and a glue gun. The broom was for the baleen, she cut off the bristles and I glued them to the burger box. We have been having a lot of fun. I did get some prep work done too, but not a lot. Tomorrow I will be introducing the letter a with a directed drawing and activities I’ve developed from the Animated Literacy program that we use. These lessons follow a set format that I’ve developed. Friday’s went very well in the morning, but the afternoon was another story. I have opened two new works for tomorrow and re-opened one work that I had closed when the children were rough with the materials. I opened the unit blocks and the mega blocks, and repaired and reopened the birthday cakes. I will reopen the snack table too, we had closed it due to food being wasted, now that we have discussed that problem with the kids we will try again, and monitor it closely. (while the snack table was closed  for two days, the children were still able to eat their snacks at recess). I cut some of the sand paper letters so they are ready for use too, but they will be introduced very carefully, by the tutors and myself to a few students at a time. We still need to make a few more and get them all cut. I copied the rest of the alphabet songs on transparencies, can’t do too many at a time or they melt in the machine (not in your hand!). I feel ready in that I have all the supplies set up for the letter lesson, and ready in having a couple of new works open. I am hoping that by having some new work available, the children may find it easier to settle into working. I am trying to visualize them working well with both the new works and the old ones. I get very discouraged when they are rough and mishandle activities since I put a lot of thought,  time, energy and money into creating and setting up new work. I don’t think that I am unrealistic in my expectations since the morning class uses the materials in an appropriate way, and so have previous years’ classes. I have observed that if a child in the morning class breaks something, he/she will bring it to me right away; in the afternoon class one break seems to lead to further deliberate destruction. It certainly did with the magnets on the birthday cakes. One magnet came off a candle and I watched the child then try to take all the magnets off the candles and decorations, and the child working with the other cake tied one of the ribbons in knots. I have fixed the materials and will hope for the best tomorrow – perhaps the time without the work will also help them appreciate its return and reinforce the need to work carefully.


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