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Who Says Gym Teachers Can’t Read?!?

Posted by mrsmelva on 21/02/2009

Here’s a picture of our gym teacher reading with the kids during our valentine’s day five ring circus. We  had a late start that day due to a power outage, so instead of the kids going to the gym, the gym teacher came to the classroom to help out (and to enjoy the cookies and cake that parents sent in).reading with the gym teacherThe next picture is of the parent who brought the cake, we put her to work helping kids cut hearts for their valentine gifts for their parents. They had to make a lot of hearts to go around the edge of the plate, I planned this so that they would get a lot of practice with the technique. I teach them to fold the paper and snip three corners, based on the techniques in the books from – I have used many of the activities from their books to teach listening and following directions, colour, shape and positional vocabulary, cutting, gluing and folding skills and to extend literature. sta50166_21If you look closely, you can see that one student has a few baggy pants instead of hearts, as he had trouble at first remembering which way to make his first cut after folding the paper. With practice, the kids do become expert heart cutters, but it does take practice, and patient demonstrations.


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