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Pictures of Some of Our Recent Work

Posted by mrsmelva on 14/02/2009

I will post a few pictures here that show some of the work we have been doing in the classroom. cleaning up the sequin spill

Here are the boys sweeping up the spilled sequins, except that they then spilled them off the dustpan and spent a very long time sweeping, spilling and repeating the process.

sta50144Our valentine bags, ready and waiting for the children to put in their valentines. We learned to fold paper and cut hearts to decorate the bags, and then applied that skill to making hearts for a gift for parents. Some children were absent and did not get a chance to decorate their bags before they got hung up. I tried to wait, but children were bringing valentines to school and were anxious to put them into the bags. In the picture below, a student is reading the names and putting her valentines into the bags. The bags from the morning class have been taken down and sent home.sta50172_2The next picture shows some of our homework. Most homework is either reading or simple printing practice worksheets (which many of the parents like best), but these snowmen were sent home with directions for parents to use their creativity and help their children decorate them with whatever they had at home. The mittens were to be coloured to match as a pair. The homework is displayed in the hallway with our school vision: Together we dream, believe, strive and succeed. sta50148The last picture for today shows the valentines we made for the parents. I painted the children’s hands with their choice of purple, red or pink sparkly paint and then the children pressed their handprints onto paper plates overlapping them so that they formed a heart shape. When those were dry the children folded and cut a bunch of hearts to glue around the edges of the plates. The next step was to glue a poem to a piece of construction paper and print their name with a marker. I stapled those to the plates and then the children put on valentine sequins for the final step. sta50171_2The poem that the children had glued to their papers was:

Here are my hands, and with them my heart, for I have loved you right from the start.


One Response to “Pictures of Some of Our Recent Work”

  1. Kim said

    Thanks for posting these pictures Melva – they take me back to the good old days! It looks like Valentine’s Day was a wonderful celebration for the children. Do the parents know about your blog to view the pictures and information?

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