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Montessori in a Dene Kindergarten – Montessori in a Dene Grade One Classroom

A Brief Update

Posted by mrsmelva on 23/08/2008

Things have been busy, but I have made several changes to the new shelves. I have moved the pink one so that it is near the door, placing it perpendicular to the door, put two brown ones from home where the metal one was, moved it to where the pink one was and moved one out of the storage closet and over to the table area, were the writing center shelf was. The writing center shelf was also moved. Then, after all that shelf moving, I decided to clean and sort through all my stored treasures and junk. That has kept me busy! I now need the very patient and considerate janitors to anchor some of these shelves for me so that they don’t topple onto the students. I also moved a smaller shelf into my office area and moved out one of the huge old ugly double sided shelves.  All of this organizing started when I went to look for some erasers for a sorting activity for the little metal shelf. When the cleaning/sorting is done I will take some pictures and post them here, until then I need to stay focused on the task.


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