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Montessori in a Dene Kindergarten – Montessori in a Dene Grade One Classroom

Preparations Begin

Posted by mrsmelva on 12/08/2008

I went to the school yesterday to begin preparing my classroom. I spent a lot of time wandering around like a crazy woman, trying to visualize my new set up. I have two “new” shelves to make room for. I am rethinking my layout a lot in terms of my project and the Montessori philosophy. I need to paint the new shelves. I have chosen spaces for them now and made several changes. Today’s task will be to paint the shelves and put a few more into place. Then I can have fun putting some of my Dollarama treasures onto the shelves. I will take pictures for my project and for my new job cards. This year I will make the job cards uniform in style – on white cardstock, with a photo and a typed caption. They will be printed on the computer rather than glued on and hand written. In the past the cards were hand made, originally using catalogue pictures of classroom items and then using photos. They were on coloured cardstock to loosely categorize them. In observing a student over several days this spring I realized that the categorization didn’t work for the students (and not that well for me, either) so I have decied to make all new cards, on white, and very uniform in style. The cards depcit the various items/areas where children can work (centers or workstatios, in a format that works for me) and the children choose a card, place it in their name pocket and then do the activity. I do not do group rotations through centers, but allow the children to choose. The number of cards controls the number of children using a center, usually two, but occasionally four. I have my template made and a few cards ready for printing. I realized as I was making them that some of my “old faithful” centers need new pictures for the cards as well, so I will be busy taking pictures and preparing cards. The cards will be laminated and will last for a long time so it is time well spent.


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